TLGM wishes you all a happy easter celebration
Best wishes from TLGM to you

The Easter celebration season is here again for a large majority of the Christian faithful(s). A period to reflect on the significance of the triumphant entry, the crucifixion, death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from death. Oh yes! He conquered death. This should resonate in our heart as we enjoy the celebration amidst the lock down; as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This too shall pass… We will conquer, we will rise again, and we will recover it all – It is in our DNA.

Victoria ascerta!

With the whole social distancing in mind, remember the less privilege and please with a joyful heart, do extend your hands of fellowship. Reach out to others who do not have and share a thing or two.

Easter celebration givings
Give in good measures

Coronavirus (COVID-19) got nothing on you. I had written a post about the nightmare of the pandemic, you can read about it here Please stay at home and do enjoy the Easter celebration.

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