Out of a cold night sky, when the full moon is bright on a windy December day, came a sudden shadow that swooped across the globe, gradually spreading as the days went by. Hence, it seemed the earth was under the toll of a spell. Without delay, the tourist attractions, populated streets, restaurants, bars, parks, churches, mosques, airports, soon lost taste for feet and the traffic ladened highways likewise, lost its appetite for wheels; as the lonely and deserted cemetery wind, blew across the nooks and crannies of the globe. In a moment, the borders of our life contract were confined, stifling and slowly suffocating, as we coughed into the crook of our elbows and induce masked operations. Two things happened in that year. The first almost ended our lives; the second re-shaped it.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, during the past millennial, there was a long standing conflict between the aliens and the human race. This wasn’t going to be the first or novel conflict between the two, but a conflict with a twist, a conflict that could possibly change a lot of things for both sides or peradventure, spell doomsday.

Power tussle

       The humans in all their might, have always considered themselves superior to the aliens from time immemorial, and had habitually terrorized the aliens for several decades. However, were yet to succeed in their plot, which is to wipe off the entirety of the alien race from their habitable domains. Although, the aliens were tough, resilient and were always ready to fight till the last chitin or blood of the last surviving alien was spilled, should the case of any fresh tussle ensue.

Nevertheless, the aliens were second footed to the humans in various aspects. As the humans were rapidly evolving, so were the aliens, although, not as promising as the humans. For instance, the aliens over time had developed the UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), as the humans labelled it. They spied severally on the humans, for possible ways to avenge the diverse cruelty and wicked acts the human race from time immemorial had meted against them, their clusters and abodes.

So, I came across this book and read some part of it “How to be An Alien” by George Mikes“.

However, the aliens spent quality time gathering sizable chunk of information and data from the thousands of satellites the humans had deployed thousands of kilometres away from their territorial grabs and terrestrial authorities. The humans on the other hand, were unequivocally developing in various aspects (telecoms, research, spying, space exploration, tech-innovations, IOT, data gathering & storage, medicine, 3G, 4G etc). Consequently, these developments were so rapid that some kin of the human race were in doubts –as to what end such rapid development could avail. But one thing was sure, it had its cons well concealed, just like every other thing.

The shocking revelation

Thus, with such rapid developments, the aliens were at best not surprised, but were still in the business of spying and gathering valuable chunks of data and information – Not until they were deeply awoken with the sudden development of a certain unique 5G, -quite different from the other G(s)… That was it! — With this massive and invasive technology, the aliens as preys were up as targets for hunts and possibly, total extermination. Their worst nightmare was just about to be unveiled, commissioned and executed.

Furthermore, the aliens knew they had seemingly lost it, they had to act fast, swiftly and would not be giving up without the toughest fight of them all… They had to do something – Oh yes! But what could that possibly be?

An invasion?!… A war?!… A spell!?… A…???

The rebuttal plan

In the Meantime, the aliens sought after diverse ways to halt the use of this invasive tech; they tried polluting the media, introducing new languages (just as the case of the tower of Babel), initiated war scare, etc but to no avail. They knew they had to come up with one ultimate rebuttal plan and possibly, their last resort to disrupt the humans; their activities, routines and possibly make them never return to what they usually know as life. So they introduced a virus into the humans’ global system.

illustration: By Eva Bee

Although, rumuors have it that the aliens infected a bat, and introduced it into the human ecosystem were bats were not just cute nocturnal animals with spanned wings, pointed ears and webbed toes; but animals whose tiny bones were crunchy and meat, yummy for delicacies. Well abreast of every possibility that the humans will have it for lunch and wash it down with a chilled cup of juice or whatever liquor of their choice.

Bat (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Rumuors also have it that, an alien disguised as a human got into a romantic affair with a lab scientist. And during one of their sexual romps in the lab, the virus containment played a crucial role in their escapade hence, the escape of the virus into the wild.

3d PNG Designed By Jahanullah from Pngtree.com

Either way, a virus is on an exhibitory run, with the desired intentions of the emissary; to weaken, disrupt, distract, alter, imprison and possibly wipe out the entire human race. The aliens are on their quest to avenge what the humans have always done to them… threaten, imprison, distract their coalition and a possible extinction.

Meanwhile, the year 2020 had always been trumpeted as a significant year. For few persons, it was going to be the year the world ends, for some; the rapture year, for others, it was a “Vision 2020”. For all its worth, it was a promising and quite significant year for both races and it was indeed!

Anyways, the virus was winning and so were the aliens. But the humans are having none of it, despite the mortality and transmission rate. The humans are hellbent on surviving, adapting and are currently on the verge of a comeback.

Thank you for reading my fiction story

With love from TheLastGoodMan!


  1. Paula Daopuye Reply

    You trapped my mind thinking this was real at some point🤣……Your imagination is wild bruhhhhh

    • Professor Evans Reply

      Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Very beautiful and brilliant write-up, Duffy.👌
      For a moment, I was beginning to “believe” the fiction…😅
      It was creatively crafted and that could only have been done by a smart head. Thumbs up!👍

  2. Lakan Nanji Reply

    Damn, so mind alluring and capturing, kept me on my heels and my mind hungry for more, beautiful art, word art.

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