The sad food choking episode that almost cost me my precious life. Personally, I always thought I was pretty much in control of everything in my life to a large extent. I predetermined whatever happened to me. Shocking how a piece of meat could pose so much danger. Moreover, this is just a brief story of how a meat shewing episode almost cost me my life..

So on this bright sunny day, during one of my solo waka waka trips. I had just finished exploring a tourist attraction and was fatigued. I thought of heading back to my hotel room to rest and grab lunch, but son of man was exhausted, famished and dehydrated from walking under the scotching sun.

choking beach

Hunger crept in

Next, I went in search of a neat bukka – In no time, I was directed to one. Here, I was pretty sure they could summarise a lot from my tired face, as I was quickly ushered to a seat and the meal menu was presented. No time! – I made my orders and requested a chilled bottle water to calm the already tired body and also, to lubricate the oesophagus in earnest expectation of the bolus rush hour. Quickly, I gulped the entire 75Cl of water and requested another one for after meal, as I loosened my belt in preps for the showdown.

See ehn!

Appraise yourself constantly, because this life is worth living.

Caleb Ini Duff


This life is short… Chop Life, Problem nor dey finish.

popular saying

Meal was served.

Soon, my meal was served and as expected, I was digging it slowly –no rush. After eating, it was time to crown my effort as I perused the large chunks of meat.

Eba and Soup. Source: Pinterest

I took the first large chunk and slid it into my mouth. Omo! After chewing the meat for more than 3 minutes – the piece of meat was yet to fall totally in humble submission after several beatings from the canines, molars and premolars. Anyways, I chewed further and after some time, son of man decided to swallow it.

The struggle.

Right here, a portion of the pulp beaten meat got stuck in my throat while the other connected portion was still in my mouth. First, I was trying to use my tongue to help myself, but couldn’t. Next, I tried swallowing everything but somehow nothing seem to be working. Quickly, I tried drinking water to aid the swallowing process, but to no avail.

Photo Credit: PNGkit

Almost snatched (choking).

Before long, I was caught up in a frenzy. Oh! Son of man just couldn’t breathe well, I was choking and my facial veins were on exhibition. Damn! I struggled and was literally passing out.

In fact, nobody noticed I was in a fix and my life was seemingly slipping away. Thus, I had to hit the table hard and loud to draw attention to my predicament. Suddenly, the pulped meat miraculously passed through and everyone was staring right at me.

So, I just bowed my head in shame and with the deepest sigh of relief, I raised my head with an outburst “Choi…Meat no go kee person!“, and everyone bursted out laughing. However, I smiled as I took my leave, for I was so happy and still lucky to be counted amongst the living. Sadly, this singular situation, earned me a bukka-phobia for some time.

Have you had similar experience? Kindly share in the comments section.

PS: Choking happens when someone’s airway suddenly gets blocked, either fully or partly, so they can’t breathe.

How to handle a choking situation:

According to Mayo Clinic:

  • Give 5 back blows. Stand to the side and just behind a choking adult. For a child, kneel down behind.
  • Give 5 abdominal thrusts. Perform five abdominal thrusts (also known as the Heimlich maneuver). Don’t do this on a child under a year old.
  • Alternate between 5 blows and 5 thrusts until the blockage is dislodged.

Consequently, If the person’s airway is still blocked after trying back blows and abdominal thrusts, get help immediately:

  • Call emergence and ask for an ambulance. Tell the 999 operator the person is choking.
  • Subsequently, continue with the cycles of 5 back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts until help arrives.

If they lose consciousness and aren’t breathing, you should begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with chest compressions.

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  1. Hahaha…. This is why I avoid eating any meat my spoon can’t cut in public

    • That black girl Reply

      This has happened to me before. Nobody knew what was going on, tears just started dropping from my eyes and I was wondering if this was how I was going to die while seeing my last moments!!
      Mine was caused by candy, I got a lot of them and just threw all in my mouth and it was late at night. My siblings thought I was just pulling a prank on them
      It was terrible

    • Thelastgoodman Reply

      Hahaha… trying to avoid stories right?… I see

  2. Chop life, chop life…now see what meat has done πŸ˜‚.
    Lol…this was such an interesting read as usual. And I totally love how you play with words.
    Well done TheLastGoodMan.

    • Thelastgoodman Reply

      Man must chop life ooo… Thank you Rita.

  3. Merit Minimah Reply

    Interesting read.
    Sorry you had to go through that TLGM..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Gospel Ogoloma Reply

    We have to be careful with what we eat, both outside and inside…

    • Thelastgoodman Reply

      Yeah… ‘Careful’ is the word. Yhank you Gospel

  5. Lol… I think I totally understand the predicament here, as I myself have been through the same.
    I was alone in this case, couldn’t help myself, nor could I call attention to myself, e be like say I thief meat that day…

    As you said, water no dey help for that kind case o!.. It’s funny how the water nearest to me was dirty, from washing of hands or so, still, i drank that thing.. But lie lie o!…

    I think, your system forces down the stuff nonetheless, the only factor may be for how long, and if it’s enough to save your life…

  6. Funmilayo Olukoga Reply

    Meat no go kill person. Wow i can imagine what went down .
    Most times when i eat out i try as much as possible not buy big meat oh, i don’t wanna pull meat in public.
    Except they have fork and knife.

  7. Wow… this was well written, I could picture the scene.πŸ‘πŸ½Bless you! Glad you are wellπŸ˜‡

  8. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sorry sir, thank God you are alive to testify

    • Thelastgoodman Reply

      lol… Who leaves their meat after eating?… Anyways, lessons learnt.

  9. Nomadic Negro Reply

    This was hilarious and worrisome as I read.
    I’m glad you survived bro. That thing has happened to me many a time and each of the experiences was different shades of ugly.
    Your narration was super cool too!

  10. Professor Evans Reply

    As serious as it sounds, esp at the time, it simply got me laughing out loud.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Absolutely hilarious, Oh dear!πŸ˜…
    Thanks for the heads up, Duffy. I’ve just learned to carry out a proper “risk assessment” before undergoing such task.😁😁

    • Thelastgoodman Reply

      You are welcome, Prof Evans.

  11. Las las something must kill a man.. na meat wan turn assassin πŸ˜…. Sorry you had to go through that.. bukkas are necessary in this waka like but i don’t trust them. Thank God you were able to survive it.

    • Thelastgoodman Reply

      ‘na meat wan turn assassin’… cracked me up. I have learnt my lessons. Thank you Itoro.

  12. Anthony Oyakhilome Justice Reply

    I honestly don’t know if I should be laughing or saying sorry right now. πŸ˜‚

  13. Paula Daopuye Reply

    Okay this was quite an episode …..thank God your safe…..I must admit at some point the whole thing became hilarious too🀣🀣🀣🀣

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