Exploring and conquering the giant Ogbunike Cave was indeed a fit and an adventure that we will keep reminiscing in years to come.

Meanwhile, before you continue, I advise you first read up A visit to the famous Ogba Ukwu Caves & Waterfall to get a prelude of what the whole trip looked like.

Dawn of the new day

The dawn of the new day crept up on us and suddenly the world was awake. Prior to this time, we had contracted our trip for the day to the same driver from the previous day. Meanwhile, we prepared in earnest expectation on his arrival. At about 8:45am he was stationed at the parking lot of the hotel. Without delay, we dislodged from our hotel rooms into the awaiting ride as we embarked on another amazing adventure to the Ogbunike Cave in Oyi LGA.

Map showing all the LGA(s) in Anambra State, with a trace showing how far Oyi LGA is from Onitsha.
(Source: www.researchgate.net edited by Me).

Ogbunike is located along the Enugu-Onitsha expressway, barely an hour drive from the city of Onitsha. We had our breakfast en route our destination.

Arrival and its shenanigans

In the meantime, with the aid of Google Map and inquires from locals, we were able to find our way to the Ogbunike Cave. Sooner or later, we arrived our destination and in no time were quickly accompanied by two young men who introduced themselves as the cave attendants. In brief, these young men had no means of identification to ascertain their claims.

Anyways, we proceeded in paying the required fee of a thousand naira each (N1k) and an additional one thousand naira as tour guide fee. Straightaway, our tour guide led us through a lushly flanked and trimmed bush that led to a lengthy but well-designed pathway of about 307+ unsupported steps, descending to the base of the cave. In a moment, we were journeying down the steps.

The Stairs leading to the base of the Ogbunike Cave
Flight of stairs leading to the Ogbunike Caves (307+ steps)
Tourists/Explorers: TheLastGoodMan(TLGM), EmyG (Emem), Diusor and Bdiva (Bimbo)
Destination: Ogbunike Cave
Location: Ogbunike Community, Oyi L.G.A, Anambra State, Nigeria, West Africa.

Ogbunike Caves entrance

At this point, the tour guide requested we pull off our foot wears including socks, as that’s one of the few criteria that grants you access into the Cave.

Ogbunike Cave Rules and Regulations
Ogbunike Cave (Rules & Regulations)

Importantly, He spelled out the cave rules which were already, boldly written on the sign post at the main entrance and he proceeded to the entrance of the cave speaking incantations as he dropped some naira notes before bidding us to make our way behind him into the cave. Forthwith, Diusor stretched her hands across our shoulders and said a word of prayer before we gallantly matched into the cave – no stress (We don’t like what we hate).

Briefs about the famous Ogbunike cave

The cave is indeed massive with a very large, open and spacious chamber at the entrance.

Flight of Stairs at the Cave Entrance
The mini-flight of stairs leading to the Ogbunike Cave Entrance
Entrance to Ogbunike Caves
Ogbunike Cave Entrance

As we entered into the spacious chamber, we were greeted with water droplets from various fissure points on the cave ceiling. According to our tour guide, ‘’individuals, tourists, pastors, religious enthusiasts, traditionalist do come here to collect water for healing and miracles’’ The water is believed to have healing powers.

Bowels of water dropping from the Ogbunike cave ceilings
Bowels of water dropping from cave ceilings

Inside the Ogbunike cave

First, we were shown different tunnel entrances (about 10+) of varying sizes that led to different chambers of the caves, while some were intertwined. The Ogbunike Cave is a collection of many caves linked together by small tunnels.

“Which chamber of the Cave would you love to visit?” asked our tour guide… We ignorantly replied “all of them”. He asked further “should we start with the chamber containing the talking stone?, or the chamber with the reptiles (python, crocs etc)? or the chamber with the tortoise and colony of bats?”. Wait!…wait!! are you for real!? I asked. I was intrigued, but then, we all had different creepy thoughts skimming through our minds.

In view of the above interaction, the majority won here and so we started our tour with the obvious chamber. Secondly, our tour guide showed us the parlour (quite spacious) and rooms of the caves and took us on a seemingly timorous but remarkable sojourn through one of the tunnels. Although, we only hoped we won’t somehow find ourselves in the aforementioned reptile chamber.

Ogbunike Cave tunnel
Ogbunike Cave tunnel

The journey of the braves

Notably, the natural characteristics of the tunnel’s ceiling are not the same; crest and troughs here and there, so as with the width of the tunnels.

In fact, one could hardly exercise much freedom in the tunnels. The interior of the cave is enveloped in palpable darkness and some alternating weird sounds. Hence, we had our phone flashlights on and took formation in this order (F-L: Bdiva, EmyG, Diusor and TLGM) as we followed our tour guide into the tunnels of endless darkness, stooping low as we navigated the turns, bends, crests and troughs of the tunneling cave.

Inside the cave, are flowing streams and body of water at various spots, so our feet were sometimes constantly inside the little flowing stream and consequently, so funny how things like leaves, tiny fishes will wriggle their way with the current of the flowing stream, creating that ticklish sensation around our feet. This action particularly, freaked the living day out of one of us (no name).

Cave thrills that stunned us

We climbed, bent, clutch, stooped and stopped as we were bombarded by hundreds of bats that couldn’t find their flight path as a result of our flashlights stalling their visions through the dark tunnels.

Similarly, I remembered vividly, during the short episode of the bats bombardment, how some of my amazing friends (no names) screamed, Oh Jesus! Jesus!!… and didn’t want to continue with our sojourn inside the tunnel, as they threatened to stop and go back or wished they never entered the cave; ‘’Please! Please!! I don’t want to go again, I just want to go back’’ said one of them and another wailed ‘’Who send me ooo!… this is not what I bargained for, I should have just waited outside for you guys…please Oga! Take me out please! Please!!’’.

But correspondingly, we were deeply stunned to our bones when our tour guide said in a seemingly threatening tone… You dare not turn your backs, you must continue and exit the tunnel at the end!’’. – Yo! Wait what ya say?!… I queried, there was no further response from our tour guide as he continued down the tunnel.

Dumbstruck Cave explorers

At this point, we were all dumbstruck as different thoughts once again swept through our minds. We quickly trailed after him, before that thing that happened in 1959 repeats itself.

We continued fast and brusquely till we got to another interior chamber aka the god’s sitting room, where we could stand upright, catch our breathe and heave a sigh of relief. Just then our tour guide pointed to the cave’s ceiling. Oh Shitttttt!… I screamed.

Squadron of Bats
Squadron of bats dangling from the cave ceiling of the Ogbunike Cave

Surprisingly, there were squadrons of bat hanging and ready to descend in a swarm feast. Thus, some of us wished we could just varnish from the cave as the bats descended and in a twist, scampered for their own safety. This interior chamber holds numerous squadrons of harmless bat. We took pictures and quickly continued through another tunnel as we exited the cave…

Ogbunike Cave exit

Finally, we made it out all sweaty and grasping the best of fresh air. Overall, this journey through the cave tunnels was the real deal, it is not for the faintest of heart; it was a total adventure in itself. (Try it and thank me later). However, with this adventure, we did not even consider exploring the reptile tunnel.

Exploring the surroundings of the Ogbunike Cave

Furthermore, we continued our tour away from the cave through the descending and well carved bush path to the lushy and serene environment of the Mbida Ogba Stream.

Exploring the Ogbunike Cave Surrounding

The Ogba stream

Uniquely, the tranquility around the stream is simply breathtaking. The Ogba stream constitutes a mini-confluence. The confluence is the convergence of the cave stream from the cave and likewise, the rapid flowing Nkisi River from Nkisi environs and flows away from the cave environs into the tropical terrain of the Ogba valleys & hills.

Comparatively, the cave stream is clear and warm while the Nkisi River isn’t clear but cold. Of course, we stepped into both as we nodded in agreement, rinsed our feet and adorned our foot wears as we journeyed back; only to meet our driver halfway starring at the cave entrance, as he wished he had joined us.

In summary, we thanked our tour guide and tipped him for a job well done. Subsequently, after some well-deserved relaxation to ease off the fatigue of the 310+ steps (620+ in total) we had climbed to and fro the Cave, we left for Onitsha to board a vehicle to Umuahia, the capital of Abia State to continue our tour.

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Season greetings to you. You are indeed special. Thank you so much for taking out time to read my posts, stay glued for more.

– With love from (TLGM) -TheLastGoodMan.


  1. Owanate Mpakaboari Amachree Reply

    Well detailed and thrilling. Hope to visit soon.

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      Hi Owanate, glad you enjoyed reading it. Please do visit. You could reach out to me for enquires.

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      Thank you Empire. Hope to feature you on the blog soon.

  2. Nice story. I recommend you also make plans to visit Owuu water falls. I guess you will enjoy it. PS don’t wear slippers if you decide to

    • Thelastgoodman Reply

      Thank you 4Runner for the recommendation. Owu waterfall is on my list of destinations to tick off.

    • Thelastgoodman Reply

      Hahaha… we had to face the unknown (fear). Oliver, you should visit the Ogbunike cave too.

  3. Ogbunike cave. i need to enter there next year.

    • Thelastgoodman Reply

      Yeah, Chibuzo you should visit. You can reach out to me if you seek information pertaining the trip.

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      Sure, You are welcome Natachi.

  4. Lol, ogbunike will always be an adventure, no matter how many times you visit.

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      This is so true. An adventure one will never forget. Thanks Olobo!

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      Yeah! Squadrons of bats. Thanks Anie.

  5. Professor+Evans Reply

    620+ steps!!! You gotta be kidding me, Duffy.
    Creepy adventure, no doubts.
    Again, well done!👍

  6. Oh my chills! I saw myself there already 🙈🙈. Would have loved the reptile section and anticipated fears🤣🤣🤣. Nice one TLGM, keep exploring.

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