Destination: Ibeno Bar Beach

Location: Ibeno L. G. A, Akwa-Ibom State, South-South Nigeria, West Africa.

Tourists: TheLastGoodMan and the Ude-family (Devo-Ezik, Kingsman, Eddy, Hector and Cecilia)


BBest EEscape AAnyone CCan HHave!

It was a bright and sunny day; I, Devo-Ezik (my homie) and some friends were in dire need of some vitamin sea, so we decided to hangout and chase sunset at the beach. We left the state capital of Aks (Uyo) for Eket, and from there to the Ibeno beach in Ibeno L. G. A. The trip was smooth and interesting, we had so much to talk about, yabs, jokes and lots of catching up to do.

A beach is an area of deposited sand, stone, or gravel accumulated along the shore of a water body by the action of waves and tides.

Approaching the beach, the waves were in full display, tumbling in wild cascades until it got to the shore. We literally took that as a dramatic way of saying welcome.

The Shore
The Squad (Ude-family)

The Ibeno beach is one of the beaches amongst others along the coastal shores of the Atlantic Ocean and is believed to be the longest natural sand beach in the West of Africa, measuring up to about 30-45 kilometres in stretch-length. The Ibeno beach is very popular compared to other beaches I have visited in Akwa Ibom State (Uta-ewa beach, Oron beach etc).

Right here, I could feel the water washing off the sand below my feet and the waves trying to whisk me away from the shore.

Life on the beach is smooth and free, but not until you are carelessly whisked away from the shore by the raging wavesCaleb Ini Duff [TLGM]

Homie (We ride together)
Felt like surfing

But as they say, happiness on the beach comes in waves; so here we were lost in the euphoric moments. Other tourists and pleasure seekers were also around at the beach catching trips.

We loved and enjoyed the beach… the crispy beach sand, the water, salty air, the cool breeze and finally the ultimate sunset.

The Ultimate Sunset
TLGM doing his thing

Check out this very short clip on youtube

At the beach life is different. Time doesn’t move from hour to hour, but mood to moments. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun☀- Anonymous

Chasing sunset on the beach
This was just the perfect moment where the wave kissed the shore and the sand hugged my feet

We stayed at the beach till the moon was up; eating suya and washing it down with some water and liquor, whilst enjoying the soothing evening breeze. This was the second time I was beaching till the moon was up in a span of two weeks. We enjoyed every milli-second we spent at the beach.

At night, the Ibeno beach is ecstatically overwhelming. From the illuminance from the moon or flared gas on the ExxonMobil platform to the caressing cool sea breeze against the backdrop of the splashing waves, soothes and smooches the soul and as such leaves you all smoochy-woochy.

All we needed was some good dose of vitamin sea and we had it. We left the beach all smiling and happy that I could remember smiling ecstatically in my dream that night.

Dear God, I need a house by the beach

Things to do at the beach:

Relax, swim, surf?, sun bath, beach trek, ride a horse, play beach soccer, play volleyball, chase sunset, build sand castle, a nap is possible too etc.

Things to take to the beach:

  • Sun cream, face cap, sun shades, beach slippers, beach bag.
  • Camera, selfie stick.
  • Swimming and surfing gears.

Best time to visit:

  • During public holiday(s), weekends.
  • Festive periods (The Ibeno Mega beach day which holds on the 27th of December every year).

You can likewise, visit at anytime and still get the best out of the beach and it’s associated activities.

Thanks for always reading. Till I come your way again, I still remain TheLastGoodMan.

Have you visited the Ibeno beach before? what was your experience like? What beach activities would you really love to experience? Would really love to hear from you.


  1. Nothing short of an enjoyable beach outing. Save me a seat next time.

  2. Nice write up man! You were indeed chasing sunset. Looking forward to more write-ups…..

  3. The last good man, this is a nice write up. Bringing us closer to nature. Kudos bro.
    Yeah, visited the beach last year for the first time and the experience was amazing

  4. Professor Evans Reply

    Amazing and memorable moments!
    Nice adventure as always!

  5. Robert mojana Reply

    Boss tag me along on the next adventure
    When fashion meets tourism

  6. Nice piece TLGM. Need to get me some vitamin sea soon.

  7. What an adventure, I really want to go to one of these with you. I love the writing too

  8. Yeah. Been here and I must say it’s really cool.the ambiance is one of its kind.kudos TLGM. There’s an unpopular beach in rivers state I’d like you to visit sometime.

  9. I’ve always wanted to go there but not really had the opportunity. The beach looks chilled. I hope is not a picture something? Then the sunset looks lit. I love beaches.

  10. Lovely write up dear??. Hurts that I didn’t visit this beach when I visited the state

  11. Meniel Uriah Juetex Reply

    We make fantastic memories where ever we visit.. Trust me pple there is non fresher.. On our next trip we have to cheer to more life, More wealth, More trips, more memories, more adventures, etc.. Bro I still can’t get the whole calabar Carnival trip out of my head.. Just feeling a bit bad I wasn’t there for this one.. But I trust we are going to do it again.. Cheers Bro.. Fresh piece..

  12. Jurhny Boi Reply

    Beautiful ambience. Amazing write-up. Memorable moments you’ve got there. See you at the top, buddie. Cheers!

  13. Love the sunset pictures, my absolute favourites. I’d there really surfing going on there, are there surf boards or wetsuit for rentals?

  14. Itoro Uforo Reply

    With this kinda weather, I won’t mind a house by the beach ..
    How come I missed the beaches the last time in AK city. I really need to schedule a visit soon.

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