The word “Teckation” was coined from the following words “techies“, “take“, “travel” and “vacation“. Teckation is a summation of Techies + Travel + Vacation.

Who is a techie?

A techie is a person who is very knowledgeable or enthusiastic about technology. Although, some techies prefer to be called hackers, coders, makers, ideators, geek, nerd, tech-guru, dev etc. However, whatever you choose to go by, the common denominator is the term “technology”.

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Vacay coined from the term “vacation” is a period in which a break is taken from work or school or studies or other activities usually for rest, travel, relax, recreation, recess or holiday.

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This term is simply a tag name for Techies (people into tech), who are on one form of vacation or the other (simply put, techies taking vacation). Nevertheless, so many persons work all year round and shockingly, never take any significant break from all the hustle, hassle and tussle of life and work related stress. Why work! work!! work so much!!!…and not take out time to rest, chill, relive, see the other beautiful parts of the world, country, city etc? You forget say “body no be firewood”.


Importantly, I am encouraging everyone to take some form of vacay, from time to time. Go somewhere, travel, relax etc. Besides, when you join the teckation community, you are simply identified as a “Teckators” ~#TCKR. Teckators, travel on purpose; to rest from all work related charms and vibes. Consequently, as often as teckators travel, they are sure to meet other techies en voyage. But subsequently, converse very little on any tech subject or related subjects. BRUUHHHH!… teckators are teckating to relax, eat, explore, relax, catch cruise, chill, vibe and run no morning sprints, zoom meetings or office drills…

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