Tourists/Explorers: TheLastGoodMan, Pamela and Chef Dee (Daniel)

Destination: Agbokim Waterfalls

Location: Agbokim Community, Etung L.G.A, Cross River State, Nigeria, West Africa, Planet Earth

The seven wonder falls of Agbokim waterfalls.

The freedom of the open road is seductive, serendipitous and absolutely liberating – Aaron Lauritsen

This trip for me was a road trip from Port Harcourt to Calabar, but a much longer trip for Pam who started from the west down to Port Harcourt, where she met up with Dan and they both left for Calabar a day before I did.

We stayed a night at our friends’ (Sarchy Ballack and Dr. Terez) and got set for our trip the next morning (Sunday morning).

We met up at Mobil junction (convergent point), where the duo (Dan and Pam) were already declaring war on some local delicacy placed before them at a food joint.

Chef Dee and Ella declaring war on some local delicacies

It’s important to begin a search on a full stomach – Henry Bromel

I had fruits for breakfast and we boarded a picnic van that took ages to get completely boarded, after so much drama had ensued between some passengers and our rigid driver over the bargaining prices they were to pay for their heavy luggage, to the near scuffle between the driver and a passenger.

Anyways, the vehicle got boarded completely and all boarding related issues settled. We left the road side park at about 10:12am; as our mini-picnic van rolled into the less busy streets of Calabar. We had a smooth ride mostly owing to the sole fact that the roads were currently being revamped in earnest preparation for the Calabar International 2018 Carnival that was just 12days away. We encountered several stops from men of the Nigerian Police, Immigration, Military check points and that one person that kept stopping the driver on two different occasions, so as to use the convenience of the bush (What I call the *Rest Bush); that angered 70% of the travellers. We arrived Ikom at about 1:45pm thanks to the driver that was all smooch-woochy with his throttle pedal; speeding all through, except at checks, bends, bumps, stops or pot hole ridden areas. Ikom is about 313km from Calabar, the capital city of Cross River State.

Good Company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. – Izaak Walton

Booked our hotel near the Cross River state Broadcasting Corporation (CRBC) in Ikom. Refreshed and got set for our first point of attraction (The Agbokim waterfalls).

Refreshed and heading to our first point of call

For Dan and Pam, this was going to be their very first visit, but my second visit to this waterfall. So, I was very much familiar with quite a lot. We got to Survival Park and boarded a powerful bike to the fall; ridden by Mr. Alex (a married, delightful, young, business-minded Igbo man) with a laudable sense of humor and a Manchester United fan. He made us laugh all through the journey and as such averting our attention from the not too good and dusty road.

Agbokim is about 5km away from Ikom across the Etomi community. We got to the falls in about 30 minutes, couldn’t find the fall guide just like the previous time I was here.

Agbokim Waterfalls
Agbokim Waterfalls from an elevated angle

We started exploring, taking pictures from the top of the falls and headed through a descending bush path to catch a proper view of the Agbokim waterfalls. En route, we got accosted by an unknown handsome fellow who came rushing from behind and introduced himself as –Prince-. In his words, he was assigned by the ideal fall guide to take charge of the falls in his absence and he was here to take us on a tour around the falls. He told us the tour cost, which was unnecessarily pricey. We negotiated for a fair price, and our tour ensued.

Agbokim waterfalls has seven water pathways plunging from the top of a cliff creating a cascading view of seven wonder falls. In the words of Nomadic Negro ‘’What if this waterfall was a god with 7 penises who just finds joy in pissing from a cliff’’.

We explored the falls and the nearby village in an attempt to trace a source or water pathway of any of the falls. Interestingly, came across two small streams; one is assigned strictly to the female population and the other strictly male… -No kids- and a major river for fishing. On return from the small village, Prince was kind enough to give us some souvenirs.

Cocoa from prince
Souvenirs (Cocoa) from Prince

The people of Etung and Ikom are predominantly cocoa and yam farmers and Sunday is their rest/outing (flexing day), just like in most areas in Nigeria. We strolled in the company of Prince into the busy and bubbling area of the village to purchase recharge cards, water and chewable stuff.

Because of the major issue of getting a means of transportation back to Ikom from Agbokim; we had struck a to and fro deal with Mr. Alex and collected his phone number before he left. Mr Alex had gone to watch a Manchester United Vs Chelsea match within the area and had promised to come get us at the end of the match, or we should contact him to come get us when we were done.

Kept trying to reach him once we were set for departure, but to no avail; network can be bitchy sometimes. The day was already bowing out, Oh! Mr. Alex had seemingly disappointed us and we were literally losing weight. Though Prince was assuring us of getting a bike, but was also offering us accommodation and wishing we pass the night in his family house. He enjoyed our company and exchanged contacts. Suddenly from a distance he appeared, speeding towards us – Mr. Alex was here, Gracious Lord! Seemed like Spiderman coming to the rescue, he whisked us to Ikom and we headed back to the hotel to rest.

After some deserved rest, Dan and I stepped out for some night-life waka waka and fried chicken fiesta. Got some take away for Pam and we retired for the day. The next day, we got set for the next adventure.

There is an unspoken bond you create with the friends you travel with – Kristen Sarah

Things to know and consider when visiting Ikom and Agbokim:

  • There are affordable hotels littered all over the central area of Ikom.
  • Somehow, the nice accommodation just opposite the Agbokim falls isn’t prepped for accommodating tourists and travelers just yet, for reasons best known to the Cross river state ministry of culture and tourism.
  • Using the public transportation to Agbokim is somewhat an issue except one is visiting on a market day or pulling in his or her own ride. So you are advised to charter a bike or vehicle for a to and fro trip to cut off the stress of having to wait.
  • Put on a light shaded colour top clothing, a dark shaded trunk clothing and a good footwear.
  • Go with someone if you don’t have the balls/ovaries of touring a lonely fall with a stranger.
  • As at the time of our visit, the road from Etomi community to Agbokim is not all smooth but dusty and motorable.
  • The people of Ikom and Agbokim are hospitable people.
  • The native dialects, english and pidgin is largely spoken in Ikom and Agbokim.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need help in planning a trip to Agbokim waterfalls.

Thank you so much for taking out time to read my posts. Stay glued for more.

– With love from TheLastGoodMan!


  1. This is a well-written piece. I’m making a stop in PH early in July. You should take me to a few places.
    Kudos once again bro.

  2. Chai!! The bike guy is a Utd fan sha oh.. You didn’t add how Prince was scammed… No me only him get sense. Next time add your picture of swallowing ikom fufu at night too oh.. Nice write up, we still have plenty wake sha.

  3. Haven’t been there but would love to. Would definately consult you whenever I intend to travel there.Did you go with chef dee?

  4. Oghenetega Reply

    I must say, I’m very impressed. I was just going to breeze through this write up and leave a ‘nice’ in the comment section. But as soon as i started, i got glued. This is a beautifully written piece, well done. I felt as though i was there with you and now i really look forward to visiting the fall. Well done Caleb, i ‘duff’ my hat ??

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