Tourists/Travellers: TheLastGoodMan & Shalom

Location: Imo State, Nigeria, West Africa, Planet Earth.

This is a continuation of my trip as a weekender in Imo State which started here

Remember, no two moments are the same; for every moment you value and savor, you get lost in time and space – TheLastGoodMan (TLGM)

Day 2

The 2nd day of our trip started pretty much late and slow, being that we had passed out (not drunk tho) the previous night. Checked out of the Attah Gate hotel; solely because it was quite a distance from the district area of Owerri. Relodged at Best Way Hotel as recommended by Aity, another friend I became acquaintance via the VNN WhatsApp Group Page.

Prepared for the day’s tour/sight seeing aka Waka Waka, stepped out of the hotel and had brunch (RICE & OFE AKWU).

Rice and Ofe Akwu (cookingpad)

Our first point of attraction for the day was the Freedom Square & Freedom Falls. As at the time of our visit, the man-made waterfall was dry, so we didn’t bother ourselves exploring the square either.

Our next attractions were: Heroes Square, Imo Hall of fame, Ikemba Ojukwu Convention Center and Recreational Park. The above mentioned attractions are all in proximity to each other.

We came across this Ikemba Ojukwu underground tunnel
Shalom striking a pose while awaiting her induction into the Imo State Hall of Fame
For some reasons, I call this collection “The Statues of Roch” numbering over 13 and mounted on their plinths. Sculptors are currently erecting the statue of President Buhari
TLGM stunt

After exhausting our tour, we left for the hotel; had dinner (Eba and Vegetable soup) and washed down with some good liquor and retired for the night. This was our last full day in the state.

To read and see more about my visit to the city of statues click here.

Day 3

This was the last day of our trip and to crown it on a high note, we slated Oguta Lake as the only attraction for the day. It was quite a sunny day, we checked out and boarded a vehicle to control. At control, we boarded another cab on the Owerri-Onitsha axis heading to Mgbidi town; got off at Mgbidi junction, crossed to the other side of the road and hired a bike to Oguta-1 waterside.

The ride to Oguta lake from Mgbidi junction.

The Oguta town is divided into two; Oguta-1, Oguta-2 and is separated by the lake.

Oguta Lake (waterside)

The Oguta lake is the largest natural lake in the eastern heartland of Nigeria. The lake is used by the people of Mgbidi, Oguta, Orsu, Nkwesi etc as a major source of livelihood which includes: fishing, tourism, transportation etc. This lake is surrounded by thick green vegetation and palm plantations and is believed to be inhabited by a goddess (Ogbuide), in whom they believe offers protection, wealth and prosperity.

There is a confluence point on the lake where two rivers meet but never mix; such mystery that makes one ponder. As a lover of science & adventure, the thoughts of this beautiful mystery stroked different nerves & neurons in my brain box for answers and explanations; but I was yet to draw any reasonable conclusions. Hence, my visit was clearly triggered by what I would consider as a quest to appease my curiosity.

We arrived at the Oguta lake (called waterside by the locals) and went in search of a boatman/tour guide. Bargained a reasonable price with him for a to & fro journey, boarded his engine boat and our trip started in earnest with no life vest.

The ride to the confluence

The boatman (Mr Oluchukwu) a vibrant young man, kick-started his engine; it growled to life. He revved it, revved it some more and we were on our way to catch a glimpse of the fascinating confluence. Trust me, at this point I was at ease and cheerful as ever but couldn’t say same for my friend shalom (my adventure buddy); she seemed normal but yet immersed in some strange aura. She wasn’t totally comfortable such that she held firm to her seat with both hands, I had to chip in some motivational speech before she could ease up and face her current reality. Anyways, this was her first time on a boat; which is totally understandable. I must say, she is indeed a fearless and courageous damsel.

Courageous Shalom

The lake was so clean, clear and beautiful, so we kept enjoying the cool ride, whilst we await a stunner from the fascinating but mysterious confluence.

We got to the confluence. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! the cynosure of all eyes.

The Oguta Lake Confluence
The Oguta lake confluence point

There are two rivers of different shades of colour flowing side by side but don’t mix; strange right!?

  • Urashi River (Male) – Muddy (Brownish in colour).
  • Ogbuide River (Female) – Clear (Greenish in colour).

I dipped my hand in both flowing rivers and discovered that both rivers varied slightly in temperature. The Urashi river was quite cold while the Ogbuide river was a bit warm in temperature. It was so fascinating, I felt like taking a dip at the confluence.

I look forward to taking a dip (well kitted tho) at the confluence point in the near future – TheLastGoodMan (TLGM)

We took a spin at the confluence point in an attempt to stir the rivers but to no avail. We were so happy but confused in our quest to explain the scientific possibility of this fascinating but mysterious confluence. Anyways, we were done with the confluence point and on course for our return journey, when I decided to try out some crazy stunts; while screaming at the top of my voice.


Waaaahhhhooooo! Waaaaaahhhhhhhooooo!!Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhooooooo!!! Gooood Stuffff!

TLGM stunt
TLGM stunting on a speeding boat

I was sitting on the bow of the engine boat and still in the business of screaming Gooooooddd stuu!… when my eyes caught a glimpse of some real stuff – a shrine!– just to the right of the river bank. Holy moly!… This sent a jolt through my body like an electric shock, just then my body went snap cold. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it felt like lightning had just struck me and quickly I ducked, crawling back into the middle of the boat. Took my seat and slowly I turned my head to check if there was anybody or anything with some sort of an eye socket, to say the least; living or non-living watching my little episode from the shrine. (I no wan hear say dem shoot bird mama fly)…If you know, you know!

Peace out

We thanked Mr Oluchukwu; disembarked at the shore, got ourselves some snacks and left for Owerri.

Our biker on return to Mgbidi junction had this inscribed on his cloth (what are your thoughts?)

As we all know, for everything that has a beginning there comes an end. It was time to depart the city of statues. I accompanied shalom to the motor park, we said our farewells and bid ourselves goodbye with a high-5. I headed to the control roundabout, boarded a bus destined for the garden city and had the funniest ride home; courtesy the bus conductor and some comic passengers.

PS: There is a shrine also on the bank of the Urashi river, as we were told by our tour guide. And also, do not try these stunts.

I must say, the indigenous people of Imo state are loving and hospitable people. The Igbo language was largely spoken, but it wasn’t a barrier for me; because I was in company of Shalom.

Have you explored any of these discussed attractions?. If yes, what was your experience like?

Feel free to reach out to me if you need help in planning a trip to Owerri (Imo State).

Thank you so much for taking out time to read my posts. Stay glued for more.

– With love from TheLastGoodMan!


  1. Someday, someday, I’ll go see this lake. Goood Stuuufff!!!

  2. … about the confluence; that’s God for you. It’s totally beyond science. Keep the groove/tour on bro.

  3. This is amazing, I’ve seen pictures of confluences but never one with such distinction in appearance. It so beautiful to see the clear cut difference in the colours at the spot they meet and to know that their temperatures are also different.
    God is good and Nigeria is beautiful.
    Would love to see more wonderful scenery our beloved country holds.

  4. Professor Evans Reply

    “Remember, no two moments are the same; for every moment you value and savor, you get lost in time and space”- TLGM
    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful adventure! Thumbs up, Duffy, as always!

  5. Ezekiel D. Reply

    Woow… wonderful.. you will sure make a lovely tour guide

  6. Abara Kelechi Reply

    Wow,so nice bro. Visited Oguta once but never had the time to see the lake. I hope one day I would be able to do that. I am actually looking forward to it

  7. Damilola Adedoyin Reply

    Thumbs up TLGM. The picture of the confluence is fascinating… Keep exploring!!!

  8. Amazing sites man.. The pictures are even better.. People should see these… And surely they would wanna go see these places too like I wanna

  9. Itoro Uforo Reply

    Interesting write up… Speaking of those shrines, I saw them too, then Bro-in-law suggested I took pictures of them, I no wan hear my phone disappear or the picture appeared blank.?.
    I wish the govt or a partnership could do more for the place. It’s a beautiful place.

    • Lol… After hearing fetish gists and happenings, you are going to be taking those pictures at your own risk oo (fear of the unknown). I also wish same, such a beauty..

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