Welcome to the first blog post on my new website!

My name is Ini Duff (Caleb) and I’m a travel enthusiast. I’m all fun and cheerful (probably The Last Good Man).

It’s always very fascinating when I get to explore places around me at every opportunity. It could be a camping trip, weekend getaway, packaged holiday, road trip or business travel. It could be miles away from home or less than an hour from my home.

I’m excited to start my travel blog, as I have quite a few incredible trips already and have future exciting trips already planned! My travel journal from my previous destinations already compiled.
Health and Lifestyle will come in handy with my trips as you string along.

I’m not exactly sure how this website will evolve, but I’m excited about the possibilities and am thrilled that you’re here with me.

Dusk creeping in to create a magical view while on an enthralling trip.


  1. Kudos man…. we’ll make a lot of trips together and share our experiences by God’s grace. I look forward to more interesting posts and breathtaking pictures of nature and Nigeria.

  2. We will sit and wait you quench the thirst of our curiosity, watered by the dire need to share in experiences, garnered from your sojourn………….bask in the glory of your travels man.

  3. Esin Emmanuel Reply

    well done bro ..nice one… I believe this a start of great stuffs to come

  4. Bravo ₦aira Sign Reply

    Super nice! This has got me thinking about a trip around the country by rail.

  5. Professor Evans Reply

    Congratulations, Duffy! My seat belt is already fastened, & I’m thrilled to embark on this bumpy ride with you!

  6. Edidiong Uffort Reply

    Great. Maybe I’ll be inspired to love travelling. Good first step.

  7. Good job. I cant wait to see new places through your eyes.

  8. Twistaoliva Reply

    Good work bro.. This is one of a kind!!! I’ve always known you to have this creative personality.. Carry on brother, i love this!!!

  9. Well done dear. Looking forward to reading more posts.

  10. Unique Being Reply

    Exclusive and great minds. Workhard, travel, photobomb, discover and show it to the world. Make it happen Brother.

  11. Great idea bro. It is blessed already. It will be a success. Put your heart to it. Be original and steadfast. Above all, commit it to God and see amazing results. I love to go on trips too.

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