The quest to fulfill one’s travel bucket list has not always being an easy task for many people. Thinking about your bucket list is also not as hard as trying to bring them into reality (i.e ticking off the listed items). But after accomplishing anything good, there is always this rush of joy derived as a result of fulfillment.

Either you have goals, or you have bucket list.

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Lots of people wish, want or would love to travel but do not seem to find a way around how to break free from whatever restrains or constrains shielding them from taking that leap towards initiating, not to mention ticking off their travel bucket list.

Whether you already do have an inspiring travel bucket list or about creating one, it is most likely it would contain some audacious, uncomfortable, scary, expensive and crazy list items. But this shouldn’t deter you from creating and ticking off your list.

Stop making excuses for why you can’t do epic shit and start making plans for how you can.

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You may desire a simple, classic, romantic getaway somewhere; or to experience sky diving or paragliding; you may desire to walk nude on a lonely beach; or might need a short break in a simple, beautiful and peaceful city. The list is yours and possibly endless and there are no wrong answers, although the places on your list should excite you, even having worked out the modalities for a to and fro trip.

travel bucket list

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Stop dreaming about your bucket list and start living it.

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Below are some essential steps necessary for fulfilling your travel bucket list:

Step 1: Just think! Yeah you read it right – Just think!

Think about the places, locations, destinations and attractions you want to see and visit. This step is absolutely free, no VAT at all, because it cost nothing to think. With this step, you are one step towards fulfilling your desired travel bucket list.

writing your travel bucket list
writing your travel bucket list

Step 2: Write it down

After thinking about these destinations, locations and attractions, it is best to put them down into writing. With this, you could always go back to viewing/reading the list, updating and re-igniting your subconscious mind.

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Step 3: (optional) Reach out to travelers/friends with similar travel bucket list

Search and connect with other travellers or friends with similar travel bucket list or itineraries. This step is optional but can actually boost your possibility of fulfilling your travel bucket list.

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Step 4: Prioritise your travel bucket list

You can’t visit all your listed destinations at the same time. Priority comes into play here. You get to research, sort, rearranged etc. Below are some things to put into consideration when prioritising your list.

  • Research: Research must be done to gather the required and necessary information about a destination or bucket listed items before embarking on any of your trips
  • Ranking: It’s best practice to rearrange your trips in an order that won’t leave you troubled, dis-stabilized or broke(bankrupt). Rank and sort your list as it best soothes you, taking into consideration time, finance, etc
  • Grouping You can group several destinations into one trip. Traveling to more than one place per trip is one way of ticking off more stuff on your travel bucket list. Make an itinerary. It’s good and totally necessary to have an idea of what you want to do and what you would want to see. However, your plans may take a twist, so be ready to re-organise your schedules where necessary. This leaves room for more spontaneity.
  • Budget: Save up! Take the cost of feeding, flights, accommodation, transportation, intending activities and miscellaneous into considerations.

Step 5: Voila! Translate your Bucket List Into Reality

It is never too early to begin a bucket list, don’t wait for that someday that may never come

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  1. I think I have step 1 and 2 covered????… All I have to do now is make step 4 and 5 come to pass??.
    Thanks for these tips the Last Good Man????

  2. I am so gingered ? with this i need to stop the procrastination and make the move

  3. Jennifer ui Reply

    I really love it, its inspiring. Please I have a question…what if after making the bucket list fear and anxiety takes over? What’s next?

  4. All I need to do now is to save up. Las Las We go travel this year. You are doing well

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